Monday, May 25, 2009

13/05/2009 - Low carbon society symposium opening by Eamon Ryan.

The day-long symposium brought together a wide knowledge base in both the speakers and the audience. It discussed topics that ranged from the kilowatt hour as a common energy unit with which to compare all the world’s activities and access the feasibility of a move towards a society entirely powered by renewables to a poetic discussion about how an understanding of our world at a local level could promote the develop of a low carbon urban society. It was reported in the Irish Times

The Minister for Energy, Eamon Ryan opened the symposium by praising the collaborative nature with which TrinityHaus and Trinity College are addressing the current energy problems. Minister Ryan discussed the fear that can frequently surround the issue of climate change and how that fear can paralyse action. But he reassured that there are many people out there who are optimistic that energy security and a clean energy future is achievable. The current economic downturn offers an opportunity to reorder our society for the better. The minister summarised the best actions we can take the alleviate climate change as “Travel lighter, eat better and be energy clever.” He concluded by saying that now is not the time for pessimism as change will come, the depletion of resources will force science, technology and society on a greener course.

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